Scheduled Outages and Updates


Upcoming CalPlanning (CalPlan, CalRptg, HCP, HCPRptg, SmartView) Outages:

  • Friday, 8/19 to load June Actuals
  • Monday, 9/19 to load BegBals

CalPlanning Data Updates

Daily Actual 
Data updates nightly in CalRptg as of the close of that business day, similar to BAIRS.  (Ex. On Monday you can access Actual data in CalRptg through the prior Friday.)

FY2017 Actual Availability Schedule (Available August 2016)

Actual Data Availability Date
See the BFS website for additional information on the BFS General Ledger Monthly Close Schedule

  • Forecast and Operating Budget Snapshots and February 2016 Actuals Load to CalPlan and HCPRptg are now available in CalPlanning. Read more about it here. 3/17/16
  • FY 16 Forecast Working and FY 17 Operating Budget Working are now available with refreshed Employee and Position data from HCM. 2/05/16
  • Transfers Account 72210 Regents Payout has been loaded with data from Actuals to assist with accurate FY16 Forecast planning. 2/05/16

CalPlanning system banner

Log Into CalPlanning

System Alerts

CalPlanning is Available

The CalPlanning tools are available with May 2016 Actuals loaded.

The CalPlanning tools include CalPlan, CalRptg, HCP, HCPRptg, and SmartView.

Logging In

First Time Users

For instructions on how to login to CalPlanning for the first time, how to install Citrix and information on browser requirements, please visit the "Getting Started" page

Citrix LogIn via Internet Explorer (IE):

Browser Login:

CalPlanning System Availability & Data Push Schedule

CalPlanning is:

  • Available: Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm with technical support, except University holidays
  • Available: Monday - Friday, 7am-8am, 5pm-3am, and weekends but without technical support
  • Unavailable: 3am-7am daily.

CalPlanning plan data is pushed from:

  • HCP to both CalPlan and HCPRptg
    and from
  • CalPlan to CalRptg

5 times a day, in the first 15 minutes of the hour starting at 9:00am and then every three hours until 9:00pm.

It is recommended that you do not run CalPlanning reports (CalPlan, CalRptg, HCPRptg and Smart View) for the first 15 minutes of the push hours to avoid an incomplete refresh of your data.

Data Push Schedule*
9:00am - 9:15am
12:00pm - 12:15pm
3:00pm - 3:15pm
6:00pm - 6:15pm
9:00pm - 9:15pm

*Please do not run reports during the push

Getting Started with CalPlanning

CalPlanning User Access Form

Access to the CalPlanning tools requires both:

  • Divisional Finance Leader Approval
  • Participation in CalPlanning Training: Either previously completed training required for user access level being requested or a verbal agreement in place with Unit to provide coaching and training as needed.

Each unit has a CalPlanning Access Provider who can submit a CalPlanning User Access Request Form to change or provide new access.

CalPlanning Requirements and Support

The CalPlanning Help Desk supports the following systems, only: