CalPlanning is currently Available

Note that FY17 Forecast Working is currently locked for editing so the Budget Office can review and make adjustments to Q1 Forecast Submissions. Check this page to see when the Forecast is available for edits.

Log Into CalPlanning

Citrix LogIn via Internet Explorer (IE):

citrix log in

Browser Login:


CalPlanning Scheduled Updates

All applications in CalPlanning (CalPlan, CalRptg, and HCPRptg) have been updated with October 2016 Actual data. October Actuals were loaded to CalRptg and HCPRptg on Thursday, November 10 and to CalPlan on Wednesday, November 16.

The reporting applications (CalRptg and HCPRptg) will be updated with November Actuals Data on Monday, December 12. Also, the planning tool (CalPlan) will be updated on Friday, December 16.