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11/18: October Actuals Available in CalPlanning - GAEL Assessment Rate Update

11.24.15 Update: October 2015 Actuals are now also available in HCPRptg.

10/16: Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) Browser Update

There’s been a change to the supported browser for CalPlanning, Internet Explorer.

10/5: Smart View Connection Reporting and Analysis Framework Compatability Issue

The Smart View connection Reporting and Analysis Framework is not compatible with our recently upgraded version of Cal Planning.

9/23: CalPlan FY16 Actuals and Beginning Balances Now Available

CalPlanning is now available with the following updates: 
  • FY16 Actual Final and Forecast Working updated with Beginning Balances from Actuals
  • FY16 July and August Actuals
  • FY16 Composite Benefits and Fee Remission rates have been updated (slightly) with newly approved rates in the FY16 Forecast.  For more information, please see:

8/17: CalPlanning Is Now Available with FY15 June Actuals

CalPlanning is now available with the following update:
  •  FY15 June Actuals have been loaded to CalPlan

6/17: CalPlanning is now available with May 2015 Actuals

CalPlanning is now available with the following update:

  • May 2015 Actuals load 

FY15 Beginning Balances were recently corrected in BFS for a relatively small number of Contract & Grant funds. The BFS changed data is now reflected in CalRptg Beginning Balances, including FY15 Actuals, FY15 Forecast and FY16 Operating Budget, but these changes are not yet reflected in CalPlan. We are reviewing the changes and will communicate next steps on these funds over the next few days.

5/28: Smart View Online Guide Now Available!

 An online, searchable Smart View user guide to help you create Ad Hoc queries and report templates with Smart View.

This is a searchable online guide that helps explain features and options including the concepts, processes, and examples that you need to use Smart View software. It also includes a table of contents and glossary of terms.

4/8: CalPlanning now available with FY16 Planner Submission and more

CalPlanning is now available with the FY15 Forecast and FY16 Operating Budget Planner Submission versions available for reporting. The FY15 Operating Budget is no longer available for edits.

Read more in the April 2015 Release Notes.

3/12: FY16 Operating Budget now open for edit and more!

The FY16 Operating Budget is now open for edit, and the FY15 Forecast Planner Submission and FY15 Operating Budget Final snapshots are available for reporting.

4/3/15 - Note: In response to user feedback and to provide more clarity, we have added additional specifications to the CSS 2% Rule contained in the March 2015 Release Notes.

2/18: Daily CalRptg Actuals Loads Job Aid

As a reminder, since February 2, you can now also access Daily Actuals in CalRptg. Go to the Daily CalRptg Actuals Loads Job Aid for more information.

2/6: Enhanced report makes data entry for HCP Pooled Positions easier

We are pleased to announce there is an enhanced version of the BAIRS report: Payroll Data by CalPlanning Pooled Position Type, to help you complete HCP data entry for Pooled Positions.

To view more detailed information about the enhancements to this report, please follow the link to the "BAIRS Report for HCP Pooled Positions" job aid on the CalPlanning website.

To access the report,
1. Using your CalNet ID and passphrase, login to BAIRS
2. Expand the folder structure to /HR Reports/Workforce Detail/Position Data/
3. Open "Payroll data by CalPlanning Pooled Position Type.bqy

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  • The next scheduled outage will be on December, 16th from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm to load November Actuals.

    FYI - CALNET Access ISSUE:

    A CalNet outage issue caused some users to have CalPlanning access problems. If you were impacted, you can click this link to re-Synchronize Your CalNet Passphrase and regain access.

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    • Do not run multiple CalPlanning reports with varying POVs, simultaneously.
      It can return incorrect results. The team is working with Oracle to resolve this issue.

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    Each unit has a CalPlanning Access Provider who can submit a CalPlanning User Access Request Form to change or provide new access.