Budget Process

In the year ahead, Berkeley's Campus Budget Office will continue to evolve and strengthen campus' financial planning and budgeting practices. We will partner with campus units to enhance understanding of our planning tools; utilize simplified financial reports; strengthen the budget processes at central and division levels; clarify authority, responsibility, and accountability; and establish mechanisms to monitor performance. Our future vision is that the entire campus becomes actively engaged in optimizing resources to support our academic goals and tie academic planning to multi-year financial plans and the annual budget.

Budget Process Timeline

FY 2016-17 Budget Process Key Dates

  • CalPlanning Blackout for HCP Data Refresh: Monday, January 25 - Wednesday, February 3
  • NEW! Forecast and Operating Budget Open: Thursday, February 4
  • NEW! Recharge Rate Certification Due: Tuesday, February 16
  • CalPlanning Blackout for Forecast and Operating Budget Snapshots: Wednesday, March 16 - Thursday, March 17
  • Forecast and Operating Budget Due: Tuesday, April 5
  • Forecast and Operating Budget Finalized: Thursday, June 30

Budget Process Toolkit

The Campus Budget Office has created the Budget Process Toolkit to guide Divisional Finance Leaders and campus finance professionals through the Divisional Budget Process. The Toolkit introduces a standardized approach to completing an internal budget and provides the tools needed to manage the process.

Budget Process Templates

The Internal Divisional Budget Template launched last year to pilot divisions is available to the entire campus this budget cycle. This can be a valuable tool to help you manage your division’s budget development process this year. Use of this tool is optional. Please consider using the template as part of your internal budget process. Learn more and sign up to use the templates.

Your Portfolio Budget Officer

Portfolio Budget Officers (PBOs) organize and deliver budget processes for campus, Chancellor, EVCP, and VCAF. As the first point of contact for most campus financial professionals' interactions with the Central Budget Office, the Portfolio Team enhances the resources available to enable the best financial management, planning, and analysis for your unit. Access the list of PBOs by unit. 

Your Divisional Financial Leader

Divisional Financial Leaders (DFLs) develop and implement the budget process, advise leadership on key budgetary decisions, and serve as an advocate for the needs and priorities of their division. Access the list of DFLs by unit

FY2016-17 Budget Process Tool Training

In preparation for the FY2016-17 Budget Process, we will be offering CalPlanning tool trainings for both existing and new hire finance members. 

You can register for all classes listed for your CalPlanning role here.


For information about CalPlanning training, please visit the CalPlanning training page.

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